Perfect Form Pillow by Rebekka Jamila

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Illustration and original idea by Rebekka Jamila. She is a 24 years old Jamaican/Austrian graphic designer, illustrator, collage artista.
She is currently living in Berlin. We've been talking a little bit with her:

What's the idea behind your illustration?

It is a part of my project called "perfect form". It started one evening at home when the pressure of all the flawless body pictures on Instagram became overwhelming. Therefore, I began to illustrate parts of my body to create a better connection between what I believe is an ideal body and what I really see. In the end, my point of view changed when I saw my finished illustrations: I realized difference is the beauty.

Can you tell us a little about the process of your work?

I would call it mixed media art. I start to draw with a pen and make a photo of the result to transfer it to photoshop where I edit it. I like the strong imperfect outlines which underline my thoughts. When I color it up in photoshop it gets an interesting contrast between perfection and imperfection.


Hand screen-printed by Badass Prints on a 100% Fairtrade Cotton Pillow case.